Lubavitch Junior Boys School


The atmosphere around Lubavitch Boys School has been “out of this world “ as the boys participated enthusiastically with a focus on , “Space “ during Science Week . We were delighted to welcome Emily Ben - Ze’ev from “Emily’s Adventures in Wonderland” who began the week with a special assembly all about gravity and science. The children learnt about Galileo‘s experiment when he threw a musket ball and a cannon ball from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to decide which would land first? They were given a challenge on Tuesday to find out how to remove a wooden bullet from inside a wooden cup without moving the cup. Emily was delighted with the number of children who arrived in school on Wednesday with the answer to   “Newton’s Gravity Defying Puzzle “. The secret was to blow on the “bullet “ and it would fly out of the cup . Prizes were given out to all the boys who got the correct answer.  The boys loved trying on all the astronaut costumes, the special space helmets as well as special NASA boots. 

They got to experience what life was like in a space rocket by using special goggles which distorted the boys ‘ vision so they could only see upwards or downwards. Great fun was had by the boys when they tried to catch some tennis balls using these special goggles. The boys created their own vacuum using some water, a candle, a plate and a glass. The candle extinguished and all the water was sucked up under the glass. Finally, the boys learnt all about the force of gravity and balanced forces using a hairdryer, a ping - pong ball and taking the ball for a walk.  A fabulous time was had by all the children and their love of science was evident to everyone . The aim of the week was to infuse a love of science through their study of space and this has certainly been achieved.