Lubavitch Junior Boys School


School Uniform


         Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times.


  •              Grey Trousers (no sport trousers)
                Grey Shirt
                Royal Blue V-Neck or Round Neck Jumper (optional)
                Grey/Black Socks
                 Black Shoes (completely – no coloured soles/heels/highlights or flashes)There  is  a  school Cappel which can be purchased at the cost of £9.  

           Unbranded items can by bought from any school uniform suppliers such as supermarkets and other brand clothes stores such as Marks and Spencer’s.


       Help with Cost

  • If any parent/carer cannot provide their daughter with school uniform because they cannot afford it, financial help may be available. Second hand uniform is also available, please contact the school office for more information and how to obtain it. Please contact the school office, for further questions about the cost of uniform.